Thursday, November 26, 2009

new 09 CTT Porsche Cayenne

Some kid from Southwest Florida
Says: “I am delighted to have bought a new 09 CTT
As soon as i bought it I had the dealer do a GIAC upgrade,Tubi exhaust,Techart lowering module and the wheels powder coated in gray Compared to my 08 GTS the sound is soooo much deeper and throatier,and in sport mode...oh my”

new 09 CTT porsche cayenne

23" Modulare B11 monoblock - installed on 2009 Cayenne Turbo S

Finally! After all the bad weather we had, it cleared up enough to get these on the car and photoed. I have to say, it looks quite impressive in person.
2009 Cayenne Turbo S
Modulare B11 Monoblock
23x10.5 w/315/25/23 Continental Cross Contact
Fits Porsche centercap, bolt, and TPMS
Not for everyone, but a good forged alternative to the Rinspeed C5/1.  Available in matte black also as a standard color.
Enjoy the pics!

2009 Cayenne Turbo S Modulare B11 Monoblock Fits Porsche centercap, bolt, and TPMS Monoblock Cayenne Turbo S

makes the turbo s brakes look small! haha
rims have fresh clean look.
i'd be worried about bending a rim where i live though.

Cayenne Turbo S backup camera installed at the dealer

it can be done but probably cost prohibitive for the original Porsche camera. I don't know if you have seen one with it as it is an expensive & not too common option. The camera is motorized and pops out between the rear window and the Cayenne emblems. Therefore, new panels of the tailgate and painting will be required in addition to installation of the hardware. And I would assume only the dealer or someone who has a PIWIS can activate the PCM too. So, just a wild guess, I would say minimum of $3k to add it.

Porsche cayenne camera backup