Thursday, November 26, 2009

GTS - strong loss, stepping back from buying

I was looking forward to buy a Cayenne GTS for the coming winter season. The price reductions do sound promising, but at the end its not great anymore as you can see that the car looses another 60% of its value in the next 2 years. So in numbers: I was going to get a GTS, new value 98,600, now for 75.000 €. Rest value calculations in 2 years is anywhere around 32.000,-. So the loss on these cars is just to high, compared for what you get. Further on I have seen that the successor may even be sooner at the dealer as we all expect. So I was stepping back to burn the money in such an investment.

I think, nowadays you have to keep the cars longer. You have to drive them for the full production cycle of 6-7 years, here you will make the smallest annual loss. But for this, I want to have a new car in the beginning of the cycle, so I will go and wait. Further on, with the 6-7 years model I rather go and have an additional car (we already have 3) as fun and for collection and to get variancy.


p.s. We all have to step back and ask does this purchase make sense. More often than not, it does not. Since the start of the recession, I have known all income classes are resetting their priorities especially concerning discretionary spending. The fact you can afford something does not necessarily mean you will buy it. A totally different mindset from what it was before the recession.

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