Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nordic Gold is a terrific color for Cayenne

The color is indeed unique. That's why we got it! We already own two red, a blue and a green car, silver is not a color, a white Cayenne is very white and black a bit boring...


Compared to the 04 TT it is replacing, it is more refined yet quite similar. The alcantara seats are better and more sporty. I don't really feel the power difference but the car needs to loosen up. Somehow it is more comfortable. PDCC is amazing, the car turns flat. The 3D navigation is awesome and touch screen is better than I expected, better than the Lexus or Range Rover I tried before. Hesitation has been toned down. Steering is lighter. The sport button is a nice addition, but despite trying to have a light foot, the button allows for higher boost (over 0.8). The dark wood is very dark and blends in lovely with the black interior (I took a chance as it was hard to find a decent pic beforehand).

Is it worth the money? Probably not over the TT but it is a very different beast from the Cayenne S. Good deals to be had right now but I can tell you there are no more TTS Nordic gold in the US for sale

X5M? Well it doesn't have the presence of this beast, just another X5 like you see dozens everyday. I like cars that are special as there is no need to blend in like in Europe.

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