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new 09 CTT Porsche Cayenne

Some kid from Southwest Florida
Says: “I am delighted to have bought a new 09 CTT
As soon as i bought it I had the dealer do a GIAC upgrade,Tubi exhaust,Techart lowering module and the wheels powder coated in gray Compared to my 08 GTS the sound is soooo much deeper and throatier,and in sport mode...oh my”

new 09 CTT porsche cayenne

23" Modulare B11 monoblock - installed on 2009 Cayenne Turbo S

Finally! After all the bad weather we had, it cleared up enough to get these on the car and photoed. I have to say, it looks quite impressive in person.
2009 Cayenne Turbo S
Modulare B11 Monoblock
23x10.5 w/315/25/23 Continental Cross Contact
Fits Porsche centercap, bolt, and TPMS
Not for everyone, but a good forged alternative to the Rinspeed C5/1.  Available in matte black also as a standard color.
Enjoy the pics!

2009 Cayenne Turbo S Modulare B11 Monoblock Fits Porsche centercap, bolt, and TPMS Monoblock Cayenne Turbo S

makes the turbo s brakes look small! haha
rims have fresh clean look.
i'd be worried about bending a rim where i live though.

Cayenne Turbo S backup camera installed at the dealer

it can be done but probably cost prohibitive for the original Porsche camera. I don't know if you have seen one with it as it is an expensive & not too common option. The camera is motorized and pops out between the rear window and the Cayenne emblems. Therefore, new panels of the tailgate and painting will be required in addition to installation of the hardware. And I would assume only the dealer or someone who has a PIWIS can activate the PCM too. So, just a wild guess, I would say minimum of $3k to add it.

Porsche cayenne camera backup

2009 Cayenne Turbo S

my first Porsche - 2009 Cayenne Turbo S, new from dealer 5 miles on odometer.

Great deal.

2009 Cayenne Turbo S_diesel-1

Basalt Black Metallic
Black/Havanna Bicolor Leather
Panoramic Roof System
Roll-up Sunscreens,
Rearview Camera including Park Assist
21" Sportplus Wheel with Wheel Arch Extension
Light Comfort Package w/ Driver Memory Package
Sports Seats with Comfort Memory Package
Interior Wood PH4 Dark Wood Package with Gear Selector Lever
Audio and Communications 9W5 Bluetooth Handsfree Phone

XM Satellite Radio
Universal Audio Interface
So I take delivery and begin the 2 mile drive home, beep - oil pressure sensor failure light comes on. Call dealer "seen that simple flash"
Back to dealer next day, they drive same light, flash computer, drive same light. By the way they smelt coolant and changed coolant housing while they were at, (to their credit). Keep car another day and inform me needs new oil pump, no part in US have to find one in Germany, not sure when part will arrive and then it does 2-3 days to replace pump. So to finish my vent have owned CTS for 4 days, 3 at dealer and 1 at my home with at least another week at dealer maybe more. I am so bummed out by all this  feel violated as techs poke away at my brand new $100k+ vehicle with <50 miles on it. How concerned should I be or am I overreacting and all will be well soon? By far the most I ever spent on a vehicle and never expected this. Have nightmares that after 1-2 weeks in shop this fix fails and I am back at square one.

22" Rinspeed C5/1 in custom matte black powdercoat on 08 Turbo

Porsche's SUV. Cayenne, Cayenne S, and Cayenne Turbo

22" Rinspeed C5/1 in custom matte black powdercoat on 08 Turbo

title says it all...check it out it came out awesome

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel from DCTM installed

dealer just installed my custom steering from DCTM, the install only took 30 mins. So don't ever let your dealer over charge you for anything more. I think the pictures speak for themselves. I love the look and it really bring out the carbon fiber trim inside of the car. Again, highly recommend DCTM and Ivan is a pleasure to deal with. CF handles and grab handles coming soon.


X5 35d Review vs Cayenne S

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almost two-week and 800 mile review.
A little back-story, I bought a 2004 Cayenne S new and put 86,000 trouble free miles on it. I had always planned on buying another Cayenne (Turbo this time), but Porsche was a little slow with the redesign (particularly the interior) and the wife wanted something bigger. We chose the Diesel because I found it interesting, wanted better fuel economy, and I wanted to show the hybrid lovers an alternative.

THE DRIVE: The X5 is very nice to drive, the ride is more compliant then the Cayenne (both on 19” wheels, Cayenne S had PASM) even set to ‘Comfort’ the Cayenne was firmer. The X5 soaks up the bumps better and it is very relaxing to drive. The other side to this coin is that the Cayenne is a sportier vehicle. The X5 suspension is not as able to manage mid corner bumps and not as sure footed when hustled through a corner. The steering feels very nice in the X5 but the Cayenne is the sportier vehicle. I do feel more like an adult in the X5 and I find myself feeling relaxed, comfortable, and unhurried in the X5.

OVERALL FEEL: The X5 feels much larger from the driver seat, in a good way. I was always bothered by the ‘b’ pillar in the Cayenne. I am relatively tall (6’ 2”) and with the seat in a comfortable position there was not a good place for my left elbow to be. The ‘b’ pillar on the X5 is farther back and it is more comfortable. BMW does a very good job of making the things that you touch feel nice, the steering wheel has a nice thickness and material feel. In comparison the Cayenne’s was smaller and harder. The shape of the BMW sport seats is very good and the bolsters are comfortable on the highway. The seat back feels a bit ‘springy’ which makes it feel like it is of a lesser quality then the Cayenne’s.
The positions of the controls are very good in the X5 (especially compared to the E90 pre-LCI at least…window switches and cup holders). The switches and controls in the Cayenne feel a bit crowed in comparison.

BUILD QUALITY: It is my opinion that the Cayenne is built better then the X5. In 86,000 miles I never had a squeak or a rattle in the Cayenne, and when I traded it in it sounded like you were opening a vacuum-sealed container when you opened a door.
When you start looking around the two vehicles you get the idea that the Porsche engineers were told to make the best ‘xyz’ that they could (for example, the door hinges look on the Cayenne look like you could lift the vehicle from them, and the way that they slide from position to position is very ‘German’ take a look, and the suspension components under the car, the Cayenne looks tremendously over-build, another thing to look at under the hood of the Cayenne S is the anchor from the chassis to the cylinder head to keep the engine from moving), in contrast some of the BMW parts look like the engineers were to told to make the best ‘xyz’ that they could for a pre-determined cost. You see the cost consciousness in the secondary things that most owners wouldn’t notice. Examples include; cargo area floor cover latches and hinge (or lack of hinge), suspension parts, if you look straight down between the center hump and the driver seat you can see motor and wires in the BMW, you can also see bits that you were not intended to see between the glove box lid and the ‘dash pad’ in the X5.

The Cayenne just feels and looks a bit more solid, maybe its overbuilt but it shows if you are looking.
FEATURES: The X5 wins hands down on interior features. The new iDrive is fantastic. The cup holders are many times better then those found in the Cayenne. The space given to the driver is better, and organized better in the X5. Bluetooth integration is also excellent in the BMW. I like the panoramic moon roof in the X5 and some of the switches have a nicer feel in the X5 (sun roof controls, interior light buttons).

While not completely necessary I do like to have buttons or paddles to shift on the steering wheel, but I have not finished the break in period so I have not been able to try ‘Sport’ mode on the trans yet. It is very annoying to me that you can’t have a trailer hitch installed on the X5 from the factory, I have to make an appointment and all that nonsense. While not entirely necessary, the lack of a low range in the transfer case bothers me a little bit, I used it in the Cayenne doing low speed maneuver when I was moving heavy trailers.

The biggest annoyance is the complete lack of gauges in the X5, no water temp, no oil temp, no boost gauge, no trans temp. All of these things are very important if you are going to be towing trailers with your vehicle (which I will). I would even be satisfied if I could access this type of info through the iDrive screen so I can take action before an idiot light comes on telling me the engine it to hot.

CONCLUSION: So far I really like the Diesel, the power delivery is very good, and the fuel economy is already better then I ever got in my Cayenne S. Most of my complaints are petty, and nit picking, but that is because both vehicles are very very good. The Cayenne is Sportier; the X5 is more comfortable and more luxurious. The Cayenne feel a little bit more ‘special’ while the X5 is a bit of a soccer mom mobile.

Both are great vehicles, at the moment I can pick a favorite….but time will tell.

A 230 kph Caravan!

This Techart Tuned Cayenne Turbo CT running with 500BHP+ was able to pull this rather shapely caravan along at 230 kph? is this a record? Does anyone read FASTCARAVAN ?


I thought the build quality was much better on Evos these days.
I have to say that this is a welcome development in the whole caravanning business. If they could actually develop cheap (so maybe non-Cayenne  practical car/caravan combinations that didn't cause colossal tailbacks due to their slug-like performance, I'd be overjoyed.

Rin Speed Cayenne turbo


wheel arches are awful but they may have achieved the impossible and improved the arse end of a Cayenne


all of a sudden the original design doesn't seem as bad...
it gets a big Kenny-Everett thumbs down from me!

performance chips for the Cayenne S?

There are 380 HP kits on the market.
The get these 40 HP, you also need to change other parts like the air filters, 2nd cat bypass tubes etc etc.
It's pricey and it voids the warranty.


Cayenne GTS


So if you want a huge, heavy, fuel-guzzling, depreciating, tyre-eating, ugly lump, go for it!

High Mileage CTT worth it at any cost?


Yeah, I already know the answer to this question, but still have to post it for the experts. Is a 100k+ mileage 2004 CTT with full maintenance history worth it at basically a price just shy of $20k?


It's actually a difficult question to answer.
If the maintenance history is totally up to date and it has a relatively uneventful history, then it may be one of the good 2004s. What is the date of manufacture? Were the coolant pipes replaced? What about the cardan shaft and coils? If all of these issues were addressed and the vehicle is still going strong, then you might look at it seriously.
The thing that you need to consider is that even though the selling price is low, the repair bills won't be low. Major engine work and/or transmission work is very expensive for a vehicle like this.
You might consider buying a newer Cayenne or one with a warranty that costs you a little more up front, but will probably cost you less in repair bills down the road.
If you're the adventurous type, then you could just take the risk and buy this one. What's your tolerance for risk?

Windshield wipers that sound like two angry elephants...

I'm serious that what they sounded like the first time I turned them on during the heavy rain last Friday in the Northeast.
During my test drive, I was very impressed with the arm action of the wipers, they looked as if they were going to be the best wipers ever designed!!
During use last week in the pouring rain they skipped across the windshield only near the top of the window and made the worst sound I have ever heard.
My first thought was that there must have been a protective film on them. I instantly remembered the old "rubbing alcohol trick" to revive old wipers. Stopped and picked up some rubbing alcohol and wiped them down but to no avail...problem actually may have gotten worse.
Please tell me I'm not the only one who has heard this? If so any suggestions or old threads on this subject?
Thanks in advance!


I tried both Rain-X and 303 solutions and no longer have noisy wipers; since I tried both I can't tell you which one worked.

Cayenne S Hybrid in 2010


- full hybrid system

- electric motor capable of getting the vehicle up to 86 mph (138 km/h) without using the combustion engine at all

- not compromising interior and luggage space.

- supercharged 3.0-liter V6 from Audi, 333 hp, 324 ft-lb of torque + electric motor with 52 hp and 221 ft-lb of torque.

Ab 2010 - erste Hybrid-Daten

Nordic Gold is a terrific color for Cayenne

The color is indeed unique. That's why we got it! We already own two red, a blue and a green car, silver is not a color, a white Cayenne is very white and black a bit boring...


Compared to the 04 TT it is replacing, it is more refined yet quite similar. The alcantara seats are better and more sporty. I don't really feel the power difference but the car needs to loosen up. Somehow it is more comfortable. PDCC is amazing, the car turns flat. The 3D navigation is awesome and touch screen is better than I expected, better than the Lexus or Range Rover I tried before. Hesitation has been toned down. Steering is lighter. The sport button is a nice addition, but despite trying to have a light foot, the button allows for higher boost (over 0.8). The dark wood is very dark and blends in lovely with the black interior (I took a chance as it was hard to find a decent pic beforehand).

Is it worth the money? Probably not over the TT but it is a very different beast from the Cayenne S. Good deals to be had right now but I can tell you there are no more TTS Nordic gold in the US for sale

X5M? Well it doesn't have the presence of this beast, just another X5 like you see dozens everyday. I like cars that are special as there is no need to blend in like in Europe.

Generation Cayenne - probably pushed until Model year 2012

Porsche-Cayanne 2012

New Cayenne is for calendar 2010.

Cayenne Hybrid will only be available on Generation II, not the current one.

Cayenne diesel is for Europe, Cayenne Hybrid is for RoW

as far as I know we will see the new car in March 2011, not in 2010!

Porsche Cayenne GTS

This from a Live Chat session with Patrick Long (Porsche Motorsport Driver):

[Comment From Patrick Britain] What is your favorite street car that you have owned?
Patrick Long: I'm currently driving a Porsche Cayenne GTS. And a few of your sports car and 911 buffs are probably rolling your eyes! The reason I love this car is because I can drive it like a sports car, but still throw my road bikes in the back, or two of my jet skis on the weekend. Only having one road car means that I can have versatility, but I still can drive hard and fast with the Cayenne.

horsepower for the 2008 cayenne turbo


500 HP, 516 base ft./lbs. torque.

GTS - strong loss, stepping back from buying

I was looking forward to buy a Cayenne GTS for the coming winter season. The price reductions do sound promising, but at the end its not great anymore as you can see that the car looses another 60% of its value in the next 2 years. So in numbers: I was going to get a GTS, new value 98,600, now for 75.000 €. Rest value calculations in 2 years is anywhere around 32.000,-. So the loss on these cars is just to high, compared for what you get. Further on I have seen that the successor may even be sooner at the dealer as we all expect. So I was stepping back to burn the money in such an investment.

I think, nowadays you have to keep the cars longer. You have to drive them for the full production cycle of 6-7 years, here you will make the smallest annual loss. But for this, I want to have a new car in the beginning of the cycle, so I will go and wait. Further on, with the 6-7 years model I rather go and have an additional car (we already have 3) as fun and for collection and to get variancy.


p.s. We all have to step back and ask does this purchase make sense. More often than not, it does not. Since the start of the recession, I have known all income classes are resetting their priorities especially concerning discretionary spending. The fact you can afford something does not necessarily mean you will buy it. A totally different mindset from what it was before the recession.

What the Cayenne says about you?



bit harsh dont you think?!!

porche cayane g55 gt700

it says you've got a special place in your heart for the devil!!